Community and Economic Analysis for
Preparation of an Annexation Petition

About the Project

The City of Palmer, Alaska is conducting a study to better understand the potential impacts of annexing new territory into City boundaries. Annexation would affect the City’s governance, finances and service provision. If done right, annexation can improve these municipal functions.

Before making a petition to annex land, it is important to know where and how annexation could benefit the city, its citizens and potential new citizens, as well as where and how annexation would likely not be worthwhile. This Community and Economic Analysis is intended to:

  • Identify land areas outside current City limits that would most likely contribute to a successful annexation;

  • Identify regulatory, financial or service provision issues that should be addressed before making an annexation petition;

  • Inform and share feedback among the City and potential future citizens within the Greater Palmer community about the annexation process and how it could affect them.

Annexation Process

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Annexation Process and City Operations

Community Input


City Council Meeting
7pm – Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Radio Show
Tuesday, March 30
8am Live | 5pm Rebroadcast
Streaming on Radio Free Palmer

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Note: In order to protect the safety of Valley residents during the pandemic, a variety of phone and online opportunities were provided to talk about the annexation study during times that work for area residents and businesses.

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Online Survey Results

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Project Schedule

Summer-Fall 2020

Complete initial economic analysis to estimate the economic and fiscal impacts of a potential annexation.

Fall-Winter 2020

Community engagement to identify current community concerns and how they might be addressed.

Analyze potential non-fiscal impacts to the city, residents and businesses.

Refine the initial economic analysis.

Winter-Spring 2020/2021

Continued community engagement to share study findings.

Complete the community and economic analysis.

Present to City Council for consideration.

2021 and Beyond

After the study has been completed, the City of Palmer will use the information learned through the Community and Economic analysis to decide whether and how to proceed with an annexation petition.

The Project Team

City of Palmer
Brad Hanson
Community Development Director
Phone: 907-761-1322

Consultant Team Project Manager
Heather Stewart, AICP
Senior Associate
Agnew::Beck Consulting
Phone: 907-277-5523

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